2017 ZX-6r Fairing removal

so I can find a video anywhere because this five to the 2017 it’s my first full fairing sport bike as you can see hello damage and a low side someone pulled out in front of me I need to change out my front fairing my upper cowl as it is described properly eventually I’m gonna get to this this grant case camera but right now I’ve got everything except for those two pieces I’m gonna replace everything else remove this you’re gonna need to take all the off this buck ,ninja ZX-6R fairings,you’re gonna have to remove everything I have no idea who engineers that way but you know they say engineers don’t have to work on things they just engineer them just design them so just a heads up because I could not find a video and this is how far that I’ve gotten so far you’re gonna start down there you’re gonna move everything is as much as you can I would suggest starting from the back making your way up there are a lot of pushpins let’s see here okay a nice little bag of parts going here .

but once you’ve finished everything that you came here you’ve got a few probably not gonna see you sory well you got a few nuts and screws and things in here that are gonna be really hard to get to like this one,cheap motorcycle fairings, wasn’t bad it was a pain in the ass but there’s one down you can’t even see it way down right there another fastener like I said I don’t know who the hell engineers stuff like that who thought of that but it makes no sense for someone just trying to work on their bike you’re gonna have to take all this stuff off just to check your coolant just to do a coolant flush or anything it’s ridiculous but once you’ve made it that far depending on actually you’re gonna have to take both sides off to get just the front cowl off .

once you got this floor you gonna want to get underneath of here and there’s like I would call it an air dam like on a car or a shroud I would say you’re gonna remove that lots of pushpins there’s gonna be some some cords tied in there some some electrical tied in there like not this yeah this yeah well fastener there ,ninja 250r fairings,you can’t see it I’m not a professional camera but just push those back through the cow through the third little black hair damn um other than that guys I don’t know what to tell you I don’t right now I’m just kind of figure it out as I go so just start there