q2 what is going on it’s your boy Richie Rich time for some Nike outlet shopping baby I’m gonna head in here know what I want to see what they got in the building we’re gonna save some money and get some shopping done fam hopefully you guys are gonna have a wonderful holiday thank you guys for all your support if you knew the Chunnel prescribed you’ve been rocking with your boy hit a big thumbs up ain’t nothing to it but to do it let’s get it back in the building back in the building check out the steals and deals baby I got Jordans right here so we got the ones these actually look really dope bang look at that like that right there something different Hey good got the LeBrons 80 bucks there we go baby 14 Katie tens that Oreo right there bang look at that not bad 110 120 for these right here we’ve got the PG ones Tyrese blacked out mm I love that it’s almost like a triple black colorway and check these out so I didn’t actually know what these were so we got the 31 premiums right here and I love the outsole on these there we go what do you guys think about these men dope new color way to me cool grey wolf grey they look pretty dope almost like a statue here we go we got the ones love seeing some of these prices like you know just to take a moment look at the Jordan one like that almost got that patent look to it patent leather and it’s 40 bucks retails for 150 and you cop them for 40 brand new pair of Jays comfortable ones.

so we got the Jordan fly I always love to start with Jordans fam you know we do so here we go they all see something we’re gonna hit the wall if you see something that I missed make sure you drop that comment in the box below if you see something in here you think is fire you know leave me some thoughts and comments I love doing this outlet shopping for you guys and I’m actually just looking for a fresh pair of shoes for the lower check out the ride right there airmax can you feel it can you feel it they look at that Piper dunks $20 brand-new shoes son of force midwinter 70 bucks right there didn’t even know what they were there we go being at the low air force once 70 bucks I love this man I actually love the Flyknit Air Force Ones so check these out let me know what you think about them I’m gonna try to take a moment for you guys slow it down a little bit so we can soak in what they got going on this is pretty dope here max flare so it’s got the air written on there boom 60 bucks regular 160 can choose between the different colorways there ,cheap jordan 11,we go we’ve got the Air Max flying it 2.0 90 bucks like the gray colorway yeah I think they look pretty good again not bad 70 bucks for brand new pair of shoes different and he’s got like a military to it camouflage there we go section classic so they got a few different colorways of those lists hit the wall guys like I said if you see something that I missed be sure to point it out in the comment section below there’s just so many shoes here .

they got the 31 lows in here so let’s see the price only 99 is there like any extra discount on the vote you okay yeah some of them might depend on the codec they get like different types of discount advantage okay got ya appreciate that so as you guys heard depending on the tag and the color there will be an additional discount applied I just know a lot of these shoes without the tops on them will get usually 20% but it depends they’d switch it up a little bit but it’s always nice to know you can get these shoes that are on the wall for less than even the price so look right here man ultra force 50 bucks the only reason I’m pulling it out is because I love a popular red colorway so there we go got the zoom all out of line it’s what you guys think about those we’ve got water shoes in the building there’s so much stuff here crazy colorways stuff that you know just stands out paying $30 shoes oreo colorway midsole look at a bang ,jordan 11 china,okay we got the Kobe AD organ right here and they keep dropping a price so they’re at 80 right now it keeps coming down look at the different color tags my man just point it out how the tags you will get it additional discounts oh here we go ultra fly to Jordan’s 40 where’s the heat at De Beers the heat Hiroshi’s 75 bucks 95 okay well that’s what every tip that we look like you trying to get me so we got the metcon to right here 65 Jordan one right there 80 there max 0 quick strike 80 bucks in a really big box but they got them in here what is like the Tiffany colors that looks like the Tiffany colorway there these are air masses yeah I like them did look good on you 54 97 yeah I think they would look good on you not at that face more Jordans anything .

you saw back there but we found some phones but here we go got the airmax foam dome right there baby no price so guess what they’re free thing they’re free gets it out too quick we’ve got the Rockies for 80 bucks karachi is on feet different colorway right there I’ve got the lunar force duck boots 110 and they do have a CGS baby a couple different colorways I like the wheat definitely like this one right here look pretty dope only 100 bucks definitely a winter shoe that can be rocked so many different ways got the Katy tray right here and they are 60 bucks I thought I found the fours from the back these are the fly 89s for $20 brand-new shoes big size to 14 Paul you people ask me about the bigger sizes they’ve got them in here as well different colorway of the Kobe instinct right here I like the black and red that’s popping right there so many shoes for the ladies look we were just talking about ACG boots honey would you rock those 90 bucks look at that paint out so long honey I got a question so if we were to have a little Terrorizer a little Richie what would you put on his feet you going with colors look at this it’s crazy Jordan son of Mars right 40 bucks so she picked the Ermac zero essential and this shoe,cheap jordan shoes, look this is literally the size of the shoe just like you can see on here look that’s how big the shoe is oh these are cute what’s this oh this is the Jordan one flight five premium GT he’s gonna be moving quick I like the low Harrah’s she’s actually I would pick these put a better colorway I don’t want the trip of black color they they got the kairi’s we’re definitely not going with the velcro my man gotta learn how to tie your shoes you got lace them up let him sit right he gotta be styling and profiling so more the GS sizes here for you guys to check out good prices can’t complain got the airmax one right there look look at that so 50 bucks you size they’ve got different color ways of the Air Force Ones kairi’s baby the GS sections wit thought these were Jeter’s for a second somebody’s wear those right let’s check out some of these running shoes soon Pegasus I like the red cover look if I had to pick one of those I’d definitely go with that one they’ve got your line it’s green color just popping the show got the two for 25 graphic tees like that actually like that yeah how y’all think that would look on me without y’all could tell me how to find it a big thumbs up you boy shopping got the Redskins gear in here fam leave a comment below who you rep who is your favorite NFL team doesn’t have to be the Super Bowl champs no Fairweather fans allowed who’s your team rep down below – appreciate you guys rockin with your boy hit it with a big thumbs up goes a long way stay tuned for the next video set that notification about your boy Rishi rich getting the body until the next one peace